Court Dunn

Court Dunn is an NYC-based Filmmaker and Content Director.


About Court Dunn


Court Dunn is an NYC-based filmmaker and Content Director for Same Plate Sony Music. Prior to joining Same Plate, Court directed over 300 music videos for Restless Films for artists such as Common and Waka Flocka, managed Awkwafina and directed her first 7 music videos, directed the viral short film “A Relationship in 5 Minutes”, worked on Warby Parker’s creative team, and helped managed the launch of Everlane’s first pop-up shops in NYC. In his spare time, Court enjoys hosting a podcast, producing minimalist animated films and film scores, and geeking out over Star Wars and sci-fi films.

A prolific creator of content, Court has seen his films land on the Front Page of Reddit, Huff Post, and BuzzFeed and rise to over 1 million views in a week, his music videos played on TV including CNN, Entertainment Tonight, BET, and MTV, his video portfolio accumulate over 20 million YouTube views, and his feature films featured in MovieMaker Magazine and screened in film festivals around the world.